D o b o s,  A r o n  P.                                                    


College Address             500 College Ave             Swarthmore          PA              19081

Permanent Address        13535 SW Weir Rd        Beaverton             OR             97008

Telephone                      610.690.3381 (Dormitory)                           267.250.5467 (Cellular)

Email                             adobos1@swarthmore.edu



         Swarthmore College             Swarthmore, PA                                       Fall 2002 - Present

                   Expected Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Cumulative GPA 3.80

Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society President PA-K Chapter


         The Catlin Gabel School      Portland, OR                                            Fall 1998 – June 2002

                   Graduated Top of Class, Valedictorian, GPA 3.83, SAT 760V/760M


         Technische Universität München     Munich, Germany                        Summer 2005

                   German Language and Engineering Summer Program


Work Experience

         Hyperlabs, Inc.

                   Software and hardware designer for network-based                        Spring 2002 - Present

embedded time-domain reflectometry (TDR) instrumentation.


         Maxim Integrated Products

                   High Frequency CAD Group

                   Wrote drivers for HT59 IC, PMSPEED DRC enhancements Summer 2005

                   Developed Cross-platform codebase for PMSPEED                      Summer 2004

                  Improved QuERC performance for large chip designs.           Summer 2003

                  Wrote XFP Chip Interactive Test Program.                                    Winter 2003       

                  Developed QuERC Electrical Rules Checker runtime engine. Summer 2002

                  Rewrote Unix version of PMSPEED bond-wire modeling tool.        Summer 2001


         Intel Corporation

                   Intern, High Performance Compiler Group                                 Summer 2000

Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering Internship Program

                   Worked on OpenMP test programs for Intel's parallelizing C compiler.


Teaching Assistant Experience

         Swarthmore College Engineering

                   Engineering 11 Clinician                                                              Fall 2005

                   Conducted weekly workshop providing assistance to second

                   year engineering students with introductory circuits homework.


         Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth    

                   Computer Science Teaching Assistant                                             Summer 2004

Assisted the instruction of Data Structures and Algorithms to

talented and gifted high school students


Engineering  Coursework

Mechanics, Electrical Circuit Analysis, Linear Systems Analysis, Digital Systems, Computer Architecture, Thermofluid Mechanics, Control Theory and Design, Electronic Circuit Applications, Electromagnetic Theory, VLSI Design, Directed Reading on Audio Power Amplifiers


Foreign Languages

         Hungarian (native), German (2 yrs), Spanish (7 yrs)


Activities and Interests

         Swarthmore College Chorus, Skiing, Piano (13 years of study), Swarthmore College Men's Swim Team, Woodworking, Metalworking, Computer Programming (C/C++, Scheme, Java, Perl)



         Erik Cheever. Swarthmore College, Professor of Engineering.  Swarthmore, PA.

         Telephone   610.328.8076               Email   erik_cheever@swarthmore.edu


         Lynne Molter. Swarthmore College, Professor of Engineering.  Swarthmore, PA.

         Telephone   610.328.8078               Email   lmolter1@swarthmore.edu


         Bob Haas.  Maxim Integrated Products. CAD Group. Software Programmer. Hillsboro, OR.

         Telephone   503.547.2363               Email   bobh@mxim.com