Engineering 72 Lab 5

Aron Dobos, Tyler Strombom -- October 5, 2004

PIC Controller Assembly and Programming

The PIC microcontroller circuit designed in lab 1 was successfully assembled. All the provided test programs were downloaded to the controller and tested.

Blinking Lights Program

The provided blinking lights program was very easily modified to change the rate at which the LED blinked. This was done by simply changing the delay constant in the code. The source files are available below for download.

Download Source Files

Simple Calculator Program

This is a very simple and very clunky four function calculator program that turns on the LED in case of a divide by 0. Operation of the calculator involves entering the first operand into the 'value' input field. To add a value, it should be entered next to the '+' input. Similarly for other operations. The calculated results show up on the output side of the screen. If the calculator detects a divide by 0 error, it lights the LED and changes the status message to alert the user.

Download Source Files