Skiing - Aron Dobos

I've been skiing since age 2 and half, reportedly before I was able to talk. Here are some of the better pictures I have taken while on the slopes, also some video clips of my apparently 'old-school' technique. I have mostly skiied in Oregon at Mt Hood Meadows, Timberline, Skibowl, and Mt Bachelor. In high school I started branching out to Crystal Mountain WA and then in winter 2005 to Whistler for the first time.

Pictures (click for full size)

Crystal Mountain WA, March 2001

Summer Storm at Timberline, OR, June 2001

Whistler, January 2005

Mt Hood from Heather Canyon, Winter 2002

Blue Chair at Mt Hood Meadows, Winter 2002

Cascade Chair at Mt Hood Meadows, January 10 2003

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