XCS Dialog Editor for wxWindows 2.4-2.6

The XCS Dialog Editor is a simple dialog editor for rapid application development (RAD) that generates ASCII-text based resource files that can be loaded at runtime in wxWindows applications. This provides a quick way to position widgets and modify their basic properties graphically, avoiding the very time consuming process when done by hand. The resource format is of course cross-platform, and either standard wxWindows 2.4 resources or the new RS format can be generated. If the RS format is used, the source files RSDialog.h and RSDialog.cpp should be included in the target project, and the new dialogs should extend from RSDialog.

The zipfile includes the RS dialog source files as well as a statically linked XCS.exe executable for Windows platforms. The source code for XCS is also available for download, and includes a VC++ 6.0 project that depends on a build of wxWindows 2.6 residing at c:\wxWindows-2.6 for compilation.

Copyright (c) 2005 Aron Dobos