Xpmedit is a simple XPM image file editor for Windows. It provides almost no functionality except to change the pixel colors of an XPM file and add/remove transparency. It was written due to a lack of any simple XPM icon editing program for Windows. Perhaps future versions will add features like selections or undo/redo. The interface and its usage is described briefly in the online help file. Xpmedit can open and save both BMP and PNG files as well, but performance is very poor for larger images, and as a result Xpmedit should be used mainly as an icon editor.

The zipfile includes the help files as well as a statically linked Xpmedit.exe executable for Windows platforms. The source code for Xpmedit is also available for download, and includes a VC++ 6.0 project that depends on a build of wxWindows 2.6 residing at c:\wxWindows-2.6 for compilation.

Copyright (c) 2005 Aron Dobos